Alarm Response & Key Holding

We obviously aim to attend as quickly as legally possible but clients should be aware that this service is not a ‘blue light emergency response’ service. Whilst acting as key holders for the client premises, some occasions the alarm response guard may arrive quickly enough to confront intruders, a task for which they are trained and insured to carry out. Security signs can be placed on the premises free of charge, which are an added deterrent.

JS Security Ltd offers a full 24 hour, 365 days a year Key holding and alarm response services. Commercial clients can receive the benefits of these services for under a pound a day; with low call out fees. We aim to achieve an average response time of 20 minutes. (In line with ACPO guidelines, The Association of Chief Police Officers requires that all Key holders have the means to return to their premises within 20 minutes following an alarm activation). We would become the first key holder on your behalf to be called by the monitoring station in the event of the alarm being activated.

If you are using you own staff members as ‘in house’ key holders are you sure that this arrangement complies with a ‘Duty of Care’ regarding lone workers being in a potentially dangerous situation? Have your staff members, who act as key holders, received any Conflict Management Training when there is a risk of them being confronted by intruders?

There is now also a greater possibility of the police not acting as an alarm response. This is due to changes in the regulations concerning Sequentially Signalled Alarms. The Police will not attend ‘Unconfirmed Activations’ i.e. only one detector has activated. In most cases single detector activations are false alarms, spiders, moths or things falling over.

However this can also be the result of an intruder not moving around into another detected area. If your staff feel at all uneasy about taking the company keys with them at the end of their working day then the service we provide is the ideal situation.