Sport Event Security

Here at JS Security we know that sports events require trained experienced staff members that can adapt to the specific event.

Sporting events have always been very popular and have entertained many people, they are renowned for drawing large and very excitable crowds. Although most sporting events have no issues at all, it is good to have a security on hand to deal with any issues.

Event Security Services

All security operations begin at the gates, normally where most visitors pick up the tickets, making sure the visitors find their seats. Our security team will also monitor boxes and lounge areas within the stadium.

We will be responsible for monitoring the guests to make sure they do not have any potential dangerous items. We also monitor to see if people are overly intoxicated.

After Event Security

The main downside of sporting events is that there is usually a winner and a loser. The losing team fans tend to get angry and violent. Which can result in fights and riots. Our security team are especially trained to anticipate and resolve these issues.